TAPA Security Standard (FSR) have been established to ensure the safe and secure storage handling of any TAPA member’s (Buyer’s) assets throughout the world. The Facility Security Requirements (FSR) represents minimum standards, specifically for secure warehousing, or in-transit storage, within a supply chain.
The successful implementation of the TAPA Security Standards is dependent upon LSPs. The safe and secure transportation, storage and handling of the Buyer’s assets is the responsibility of the LSP, its agents and subcontractors, throughout the collection, transit,storage and delivery to the recipient, as specified in a release or contract.


Cargo crime is one of the biggest supply chain challenges for manufacturers of high value, high risk products and their logistics service providers.

The Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA) represents businesses fighting back against cargo crime that want to use real-time intelligence and the latest preventive measures to protect goods in the supply chain. TAPA is a unique forum that unites global manufacturers,logistics providers, freight carriers, law enforcement agencies, and other stakeholders with the common aim of reducing losses from international supply chains.

The mission is to help protect the assets and minimise cargo losses from the supply chain. TAPA achieves this through the development and application of global security standards, recognized industry practices, technology, education, benchmarking, regulatory collaboration, and the proactive identification of crime trends and supply chain security threats

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Benefits of TAPA Standards

  • Protect TAPA members
  • Supports Supply Chain Security
  • Boost TAPA members’ productivity by reducing losses
  • Enable TAPA members more competitive
  • The Standards are aligned across the world
  • Standard complement Customs Security Programmes

How can we help?

We are expert consultants who have implemented over 20 TAPA certifications and will guide you through the entire process. Be it a single facility or a multi-facility business we can assess your needs and provide a solution to gain TAPA A, B or C Certification in FSR or TSR.

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TAPA Certification and the benefits

  • Demonstrates to your customers, competitors, suppliers, Government Agencies, employees and investors that you use industry-respected best practices.
  • Helps you to demonstrate to stakeholders that your business is run securely and effectively
  • The process of achieving and maintaining the certification also helps ensure that you are continually improving and refining your activities, reducing losses, improving operational performance and savings hidden cost. The regular assessment process will improve staff responsibility, commitment and motivation.
  • Certification can improve overall performance, remove uncertainty and widen market opportunities such as the high value logistics supply chain
    Promoting your TAPA certified Secure and safe Warehouse, Cargo Handling to customers and other stakeholders can also have significant benefits for your business.
  • TAPA Members experince a significant reduction in losses over non TAPA member​