Risk Management


ISO 19600 – Compliance Management Systems is another requirements along with ISO 31000 for the organisation to implement internally and demonstrate compliance management is independently managed and reported.

Our team has successfully helped organisations develop, implement and manage their internal compliance and risk management through the consultative solution.
Almost all public / private large organisations have corporate risk/compliance management process and procedures, these may not be organised and coordinated in the most efficient way. We help evolve risk management strategies and provide

  • independent reviews
  • compliance management consulting and implementation
  • outsources risk and compliance managed services

Risk Management
Managing Risk and Compliance in an uncertain world

Businesses are feeling more and more vulnerable to the dangers of cyber-crime, systemic failure, fraud, corruption, compliance regulatory investigation and the daunting prospect of costly remediation.
The need for and importance of risk assessment, risk management and compliance management is now widely regarded in successful commercial and public sector organisations.
Organisations that fully understand and appreciate their risk profile and environments can make informed decisions on how to best achieve their objectives.
Turn risk into an opportunity and to take preventative measures to help you avoid the uncertainty that inhibits opportunity; identifying sources of the issue and rebuild trust with regulators and/or customers while ensuring the recurrence is minimised.

Our projects have included public and private organisations in logistics, energy, education, healthcare.

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We have worked with numerous organisations locally to help manage their ethical requirements in line with local or international standards. If you need information contact us

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